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Innovative MES & ERP

designed for INDUSTRY 4.0

From raw materials to finished goods.


Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is a real-time software system for production planning and management, allowing traceability of materials and goods, manufacturing operation analysis, enforce work orders specifications.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a real-time software system for business processes management, allowing oversee business operations, scheduling of orders and production and their traceability.

PRODEXIS MES & ERP is a cloud solution for managing the business and production processes of small and medium-sized enterprises. PRODEXIS MES & ERP is aimed at manufacturers that need an easy-to-use and real-time tool for controlling the whole manufacturing process. It comprises the complete number of tasks starting with inquiries and production orders, material purchase, tracking of every specific execution step of the manufacturing process, and ending up with finished products and deliveries. PRODEXIS MES & ERP Gives accurate production insight allowing fast reactions to prevent possible delays and disruptions.

PRODEXIS MES & ERP is a web-based SaaS 'Software As A Service' solution, which means that it runs through a public Cloud using the extensive hardware and infrastructure in global datacenters. Therefore, the only requirement for running PRODEXIS MES & ERP is a Internet Browser, regardless of operating system and hardware. All data is stored on Cloud database servers with granted security and frequent backups. Additionally data can be synchronized to customer data center allowing existing integrations and reporting solutions to operate.

Efficiency Improvement

Shop floor operations insights and real-time tracking, allow managing the production flow in a way to maximize the machines utilization; optimize labor hours and scheduling.

Risk Reduction

All business processes and operations are managed in a single place improving traceability; minimizing the human mistakes and eliminating the need of paperwork.

Costs Reduction

By real-time business intelligence (RTBI) PRODEXIS MES & ERP helps identifying how to make most use out of materials; improve resources utilization and streamline deliveries and cooperation.

Meeting Deadlines

Early alerts predict possible delays in the production and the delivery of a product, leaving enough time for corrective actions through PRODEXIS MES & ERP priority based task scheduler.



Real-Time production dashboard to oversee and manage the production flow of all in-process and pending production orders. Full traceability of production stages of every ordered product.


Managing of customer inquiries, pricing, generation of inquiry offers and tracking the status and originated purchase orders.


Management of orders and products to be produced by defining the steps for execution, the execution itself and monitoring the manufacturing process.


Priority-based Production Planning not to miss deadlines and to optimize the equipment and workers load.

Early Alerts

Alerting on identified at-risk (delayed) orders to prevent deadline overdue.


Management and tracking of the handover, as well as the partial handover of the manufactured parts / products.


Supplier and material provisioning management, supply planning, demand fulfillment, replenish planning, lead time planning and supplier performance.


Manage and track the external cooperation needed to complete a product.


Calculate product and order pricing based on bill of materials, manufacturing execution steps and margins.

Work Orders

Generate and manage the work order for manufacturing of each product according to the specification.

Task Visibility

Strict order of the tasks, so everyone know what he needs to do and when.

Shop Floor

Shop floor tasks control for the workers to start, pause, resume and complete their current tasks - usable with barcode scanner or touchscreen.


Analysis BI of the production flow and resource utilizations to optimize the employee and equipment distribution in the most effective way. Performance statistics of suppliers, equipment and workers.


PRODEXIS MES & ERP allows a wide range of customization possibilities so it can be adapted to any manufacturing industry needs.


Managing, monitoring and optimizing the work-centers; workers; equipment and types of work to be executed.


Role-Based Access to restrict particular modules and resources, including prices and sensitive information about customers and suppliers.


Implementation of MES & ERP can dramatically reduce waste, increase uptime, and reduce machines for almost any manufacturing industry. It is most beneficial to small and medium sized manufacturing operations.

We know that each production is different, but each one follows a specific sequence of steps for the fabrication of the finished products (manufacturing flow). As PRODEXIS MES & ERP is developed as universal and flexible system, it can be easily customized to define any manufacturing flow to satisfy customer needs. This makes PRODEXIS MES & ERP perfectly suitable for a wide range of industries such as:

  • Metal fabrication
  • Wood processing
  • Furniture manufacturing
  • Medical devices
  • Print Shops
  • Consumer electronics
  • Etc.
  • Sheet Metal Fabricating
  • Retail equipment & tools
  • Plastic manufacturing
  • Jewelry manufacturing
  • Industrial equipment
  • Textile industry
  • Leather processing

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Our Services

Integration with Existing Systems

No matter whether PRODEXIS MES & ERP is Cloud or on-premise hosted, it can be integrated with any external system.


While PRODEXIS MES & ERP contains base templates for multiple industries, we know that every manufacturing process is different. Therefore PRODEXIS MMES & ERPES can be easily adjusted to your specific needs.

Installation & Implementation

Although PRODEXIS MES & ERP is designed as 'SaaS' Cloud solution, we know that your business may need on-premise installation. For inquiry please, contact us.

Study & Consulting

Our experienced consultants can provide you with answers and assessments regarding processes of implementation; migration and integration with other systems and peripherals.

Custom Developments

No matter how mature is any software product, there is always lack of specific functionalities needed by a specific process. We can help you to assess and develope what you need.

Helpdesk и Technical Support

Our technical stuff will be glad to help you.



100 EUR

per month


up to 3 users

up to 14 work-centers

Customizable Process

20 hours support a year

4 GB database size

approx. 50k documents

Daily backup / 7 days retention

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160 EUR

per month


up to 8 users

up to 20 work-centers

Customizable Process

40 hours support a year

10 GB database size

approx. 125k documents

Daily backup / 7 days retention

Free trial contact us


240 EUR

per month


up to 20 users

up to 32 work-centers

Customizable Process

80 hours support a year

20 GB database size

approx. 250k documents

Daily backup / 7 days retention

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  • Prodexis MES & ERP is a cloud based application. Therefore no client-side / local installation is required.
  • Only internet browser and internet connection are required to access all features of Prodexis MES & ERP.
  • All prices exclude VAT.
  • No additional costs are applied.
  • Please contact us if you need on-premise installation and license.
  • None of the plans suits your business? No problem please contact us .


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